OTSU - Organization of Temporal Shifting to Unconsciousness


toi designs


toi designs organized a fashion project, daily clothes made of artwork on fabric by challenging people, called "museum". The designer suspected that their original artworks are sold cheaper price, and believe that textile with drawing and painting enhances the value of their production. The first fashion show hold in Nagoya on May, 2015. toi design has a plan to establish a sustainable payment system for collaborated challenging people until 2020, when designer decided to held several fashion show.

atelier Patchwork


Atelier Patchwork in Kyoto organized gallery and studio, which is held exhibition and workshop focused on food, clothing and housing. Not create, but co-create.



Popeye, social welfare institution in Aichi, empowers challenging people to participate in society from various perspectives, including art. MO-YA-CO, which is meaning sharing with somebody in the Aichi dialect, UNIQUE PRODUCT! develops product collaborated with designer and artist and manages event of exhibition and performance with their member.

株式会社ダブディビ・デザイン / Dabu Divi Design Co., Ltd.


Since 2012, Dabu Divi Co., Ltd. has started to work on producing a product, a product development, support seminar and organizing a design event with challenging people and welfare institution. This company aims to connect welfare service with design and Business, concept from initial of Welfare, Design and Business (W.D.B).

GoodJob! プロジェクト×久野染工場 /
GoodJob! Project × Kuno Studio, a social design project

Kuno Studio, a traditional dyeing company in Aichi, collaborated with GoodJob! project, which is a social welfare institution aims to create a job for challenging people. With three welfare institution introduced by GoodJob! project, Kuno studio joined in challenging project to make a rain poncho photo type in traditional craft.

社会福祉法人 無門福祉会 / Mumon Fukushikai


Mumon Fukushikai, a social welfare institution in Toyota city, supports mental disabled people to be self-independent. Especially, Mumon Fukushikai expect that they could find lifestyle of themselves through an organic farming, sweets cooking and creation as working.

PRe Nippon


PRe Nippon, which is organized by writer, editor and designer, aims to make a value through solving a social issue arrived from Japanese welfare institution and natural disaster stricken area. We believe that connection of "recycling" a used material and "traditional technology succession" develop human resources.



poRiff is a colorful plastic product brand, which aims to help challenging people find an own way to work joyfully. All products are made with a plastic seat collaborated with some social welfare institutions in Osaka. Cute products with collaged seats, a whole process from cutting into pieces until sewing by them , attract people.

蟲36 / mushi36


A voluntary based art community, mushi36, aims a collaboration over a social boundary to realize diversity in Japan. This community constantly holds art workshop, networking event, exhibition and publication to develop a social value of inclusion.